Everything gets fancy and full of fantasy when names of rich and famous things start dropping left and right. That's exactly what happened when the All Night Rapper Eve revealed that she would be driving a Morgan Car (along with her boyfriend Maximillion) for 3000 miles, in only 7 days. Wendy Williams even asked Eve to clarify what a Morgan Car is, when she interviewed the Rapper on her Talk Show recently.

The Morgan Car is certainly bad bad but it does not take away any of Eve's swag. She has always been pretty stylish. Her lean looking body type shows off her girl all in style, in almost everything she wears. Being a window shopping look for her fans comes easy when you don't have to try hard.

Making the best dressed list can get celebrities non-stop press coverage. The question is, can the cars they drive create as much hype? We believe that fans obsess about cars just as much as they do about their favorite Celebrities. All we know is, Eve and boyfriend Maximillion road in style. Salutes to Eve for sharing her good times with us ordinary folks. You help us to dream big! Make no mistake, with Eve feminine does not equate to push over and she barks in her rhymes, just to remind you.

It's so true that men have a special relationship with their cars. Maybe that guy car bond is the reason Gumball 3000 happens every year like clockwork. Gumball seems to be an enhanced version of the Car Show experience, giving participants a chance to hit the road in in style. It's like what a concert is to fans or movie night at the theater or like sitting in on a live sitcom taping. The entertainment, enjoyment, and interaction is all a social experience. A little showing off, a lot of looking good and spending time is a good way to nurture love and stoke a few egos too. Some guys even go as far as creating pet names for their ride. Now we don't know if Maximillion took time to name his Morgan, but we do know that with Eve on by his side, he certainly looked even more delicious.

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