Film Title: Furious 7 (L to R) Roman (TYRESE GIBSON), Letty (MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ), Brian (PAUL WALKER) and Tej (CHRIS "LUDACRIS" BRIDGES) are back for "Furious 7". Continuing the global exploits in the unstoppable franchise built on speed, James Wan directs this chapter of the hugely successful series. Photo Credit: Scott Garfield

Singer Tyrese and The Chopped & Screwed Rapper Ludacris zooming in cars and flossing in the Fast Car Movies had a lot to do with changing our perception of racing or for that matter fast cars in Hip-Hop Culture.

Although the focus shifted from luxury and lavish rides to fast and furious ones, we have to still give lots of brand glory to the Mercedes S Class Vehicles.

After all, didn't Jay Z and Kanye West set new standards for balling hard in their Old School Tribute Song called Otis? Yes they did and in the best way, depending on who you ask. On the one side they angered some car lovers by totally dismantling a Mercedez Maybach. The other side of the coin makes what they did seem like the best Marketing Campaign ever because the exposure for the Mercedes Brand skyrocketed, putting the Mercedes in the face of the entire Hip-Hop Community. Music, lyrics and videos like the one made for the Otis Song are what helps to make the Music Industry an even stronger promotional tool for creating Brand Awareness. Jay Z was that guy long before he ever helped to launch Kanye West into Hip-Hops V.I.P Section. In the eyes of many fans, they are like the Batman and Robin of Hip-Hop Culture. The two together just feels so right! No matter what anyone felt about their brief adventure in the Mercedes Maybach, something good came from their little video stunts. The Maybach was rebuilt and auctioned off according to Hip-Hop DX. The Rap Information Reporter received word of the auctions closing bid from Save the Children even received a portion of the proceeds! We thank all of these Music Industry Professionals for making cars look even better to us.

Now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty with the new Mercedes Maybach S600! The new luxury vehicle lives up to what we will call Car Hype. Words like engineering, quality, and craftsmanship take ideas associated with the brand to a new level. Piano lacquer is really a way to describe the elegance of what Mercedes is offering with their 2015 model and no it is not technology that you can play people! It's a look, feel and texture included in the designs interior. The customization is what the brand hopes will make the vehicle feel like it's totally you, if you are so privileged to buy it. Supercompressor had the first look at what the back seats look like, including a peak at that piano lacquer (mentioned earlier) and some very fancy diamond interior seat design. Take a look!

The new Mercedes Maybach S600 is designed with chauffeurs and passengers in mind. It has a sunroof and includes obligatory silver plated champagne flutes! What are you drinking? The glasses makes the car sound even more grand and luxurious right? Supercompressor listed it as one of the nine cars that is expected to wow the crowd at the Los Angelos Auto Show.

 Here's their Car Hype for the Maybach

"The ultra-luxe cruisers are set to return after a bit of an absence, and Maybach will officially be the highest line within the Mercedes family. What’s that mean? Well, you get a twin turbo V12 and seats that are more comfortable than your bed"

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