Talking vehicles is like arm candy and sports for guys. They feed off the adrenaline rush from the looks of the paint job to the tires and rims to all the extras and gadgets included in their big toys.

There is nothing wrong with being a little braggadocios about your ride, but what about resale value? Fox News teamed up with Kelly Blue Books Jack R. Nerad for the scoop on the cars with the best resale value. There are 4 winners who took home the crown and award for The Best Resale Value issued by Kelly Blue Book.

The key highlights are listed below

· Lexus- As a brand has a good reputation for its resale value. The special features are what makes it more attractive to consumers. Lexus is a repeat winner from 2013.

· Toyota- The popularity and durability of Toyota Cars ranks superior. According to KBB (Kelly Blue Book) Toyota is a repeat brand winner because of its reliability and dependability. Those are qualities that busy Moms will definitely consider a top priority.

· Jeep Wrangler-Beep, Beep! Jeep Wrangler is coming through as the iconic ride of the bunch. It’s grill consistency is the reason it continues to be a favorite pick for many consumers. It’s a track record that Jeep lovers seem to value overall.

· Camero-The fast and furious Camero is in the winners circle as the sports car highlight. Nerod didn’t neglect to mention that it’s been around since the 60’s. By not making major changes in model design, the brand has managed to keep it’s crown as a favorite among consumers.

Car owners who intend to trade in or resale their vehicles should be concerned about depreciation(decrease in value). If your car has great resale value, it means it’s going to be less expense to maintain. Keeping a high value ratio over time is worth it!

Something else to consider are not planning to sell immediately, Nerod thinks that at some point you will sell. That’s why lower resale value is something you want to avoid. Not only does it mean that you will be spending more to keep your vehicle attractive, it means you get less if you decide to sell. Kelly Blue Book believes that The Brand Winners of The Best Resale Value Award are vehicles that are “built on a solid Bedrock of Acheivement”. Nerod stated, resale value tracks what people perceive about cars.

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