This new year is just in and everyone seems to be finding ways to share goals, resolutions, to do's. and accomplishments like Ford Motor Company who highlighted their 14 wins in the Racing Market with bragging rights clearly directed toward Roush Yates Ford Engines or Yola who suggested that website owners take a look at what worked to generate traffic, recommending grammar checks, general performance cautions, and new promotions as some of the things to reflect on and improve during 2015.

Watch the Honda Fit Commercial Featuring Questlove

Since all year long, I try to do things that help improve how I work, play and develop personally, my creative share for 2015 will move you from the techie complication of Selfie Sticks and selfie brushes and from the gaming glory of our Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare and Mountain Dew Share.

That way we can take you into the introduction of the Honda Fit Vehicle so that we can share all the different ways the Honda Print Ads describe who should be driving around in the Honda Fit.

  • Fit for metal heads
  • Fit for stargazers
  • Fit for party people
  • Fit for tuners
  • Fit for hockey fans
  • Fit for tailgaters
  • Fit for animal lovers
  • Fit for you

The Print Ads showed each description beneath a Honda Fit Vehicle with the hatchback open, being equipped with all the items that would be characteristic to the person(s) in the description.

Does the Honda Fit sound like a car fitting your personality and do you think that the 2015 Honda Fit will attract fitness fanatics?

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