"I obtained a Class B Driving Permit to Train to drive buses at Disney Parks & Resorts"

The training is through and attention to details on the inside and outside, and under the hood is necessary. During training, trainees are taught to use mirrors regularly and to avoid becoming a distracted driver, among other things.

There are many ways to become a distracted driver.

However, with the increased popularity and use of mobile devices, phone use (including taking selfies) is one of the most common ways to become distracted behind the wheel. For Bus Drivers working at Disney, phone use is strictly prohibited while driving. In the case of an emergency drivers are taught to pull over into a safe location, when calls must be made. Drivers in cars should follow the same rule too. Today, with the increased need to take selfies, phone calls seem be taking a back seat. Selfies at the wheel or car selfies as they are called when cars are in motion, are the very reason Toyota created their Don't Shoot And Drive Campaign. The campaign highlights the dangers of taking car selfies (becoming a distracted driver).

Here are a few ramifications

  • Hospital
  • Wheelchair
  • Coma
  • Death
  • Funeral

The D.O.T (Department of Transportation) has reported that over 3,300 deaths annually are caused by distracted drivers, according to one CNN news release. Taking selfies is okay as long as photos are taken when our cars are not in motion. Taking selfies at red lights is not safe or responsible so we should not try to convince ourselves otherwise.

Remember, phone calls are only one of many ways to become a distracted driver. Taking selfies is another, as this Toyota Campaign effectively reminds us.   Let's make sure we use caution to prevent any of these things from happening to us.