Hallmark Crown

Janurary 7th is the day a special little girl was born into Hip-Hop Royalty. Jay-Z and Beyoncé finally welcomed their own lineage into legacy. Although, Blue Ivy is protected from the media most of the time, it is easy to be fascinated by her existence. After all, her parents have made entertainment and celebrity living look so glamorous for so long, how could we resist looking on with curiosity? Jay-Z and Beyoncé have not hesitated to take us there while going out of their way to get our attention. That type of persistence and craziness is what keeps us checking for them and loving every minute of it. Blue Ivy is another source of the Carter's lure. She's giving us something else to talk about and share.

We know everyone is sending birthday love Blue Ivy's way, so we are joining in on the Happy Birthday sentiments too. Birthdays are also one reason why Hallmark continues to be a favorite for consumers. The latest birthday bling to wow some consumers is taking the place of the average bow. Check out one of Hallmarks new ways to bling out your gifts.

Hearing happy birthday is good for adults. For kids, the fun really starts when the gifts come out. Seeing them rip open gifts and peeking into little gift bags is a joy to watch. We don't know what gifts Blue Ivy actually received on this seventh day of January. However, we do know that Hallmarks Peel & Stick decoration will make Blue Ivy's Gifts and yours look a little more extra special. Get Hallmark's Peel & Stick decorations on the Hallmark aisle at your local Walgreens.

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