Sophie B. Wright

No, these are not cheerleaders but they are an organized group or girls marching for Sophie B. Wright (a Junior High School) during a parade in New Orleans. Age old traditions never die, they do however get passed down through the generations. In the case of Marching Bands and the many groups of organized dancers, participating awards the students with great opportunities. Young people have a chance to be a part of a group, a chance to learn dancing and music, and also a chance to get accolades for something other than their academic studies. Parents are not left out of the equation either. Not only do they get to go out to watch their children perform, they feel a sense of pride. Many parents march along parade routes for miles, carrying water, energy drinks, and other refreshments, until the end of the parade.

Students often dedicate themselves more, when parents show interest. Seeing this photo will probably make you recall the very popular movie Drumline. Remember how stiff the competition was for spots on the line and all the dancers shown during the Battle of the Bands. That same type of competition is a motivator for New Orleans Students. From Middle Schools to High Schools, everyone one fights to be acknowledged as the best! As these dancers march along the streets of New Orleans, through temperatures that are sometimes very frigid, they are still motivated to be number one! Practice doesn't only happen at school either. Band Members and dancers alike, take their routine home, and practice, practice, practice. Doing so, helps them to keep up the stamina needed, to stay energized, for the entire parade.

The main reason our First Lady, Michelle Obama, started the Let's Move Initiative is to fight childhood obesity. She even recruited the help of a famously known and committed dancer (Beyonce Knowles Carter) to encourage students to add in more activity throughout their days. Keeping students active and in shape is another benefit of School Programs like these. Carnival Time gives parents a chance to support their kids, enjoy good clean fun, and stay active too. What keeps you active in your city?