News that Jay-Z and Beyonce have welcomed their twins into the this world has went viral

The twins are going to add a lot more fun to their fame. The two Mega Stars are already labeled as Hop-Hop’s best match in the Perfect Couple Department. They capitalized on their fame by collaborating, making music together like Hollywood and Upgrade You, two of my favorites. Their music may not be enough to get you on board with their Carter Celebrity, but those who have been inspired by one or the other, may think you are missing out.

One fan who took his inspiration to a whole other level, adding more flame to the Carter Fame, is a dude who calls himself Amorphous. He recently released a Mash Up of music made by the two and it is good, real good.

The music is published and available for sale on Bandcamp. The music is confirmation that many fans are buying into their lives as a couple, making their Starpower shine even brighter. In the meantime, Jay-Z is planning to release his 444 Album and apparently has made some changes to his name, adding the hyphen again and using all caps because he is the Big Pappa of the family, of course. The timing could not have been more perfect, considering the birth of the Carter Twins. He is a new Daddy again and I am good with that. Who else is wondering if the twins are fraternal or identical? That’s all. Kudos…