Snugg is the Sister of New Orleans Rapper Nice Gunz. She was celebrating recently, showing herself lots of love on her birthday. Here's the pictures to prove just how much she loves herself.

Snugg or Tricy is what she's called by family and friends. She has officially made the leap to narcissism, even though she did not create a selfie book like Kim Kardashian. As you can see, she is a woman of many faces and she seems to enjoy sending herself lots of love.

Her gifts included lots of Jessica Simpson Branded Merchandise, purchased at Stein Mart among other places. From slippers for her tiny size 5 feet to a wallet and jewelry box, she was Jessica Simpson all the way. Amid the chaotic split from a former employer and her new focus on rebuilding her career in Healthcare, she managed to celebrate her special day. Snugg was surrounded by family and friends on her birthday.  Rapper Nice Gunz even sent her a coded Happy Birthday Message. It's official my Niece Snugg is now a member of the 30's club.

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