As you know, we believed that we had the most important scoop (on Kelis News) of all time when we shared the BBC Interview conducted by Lauren Laverne in the UK, revealing that Kelis had finally jumped on board with Instagram. However, we directed you to an account that did not have any uploaded images of the Jerk Ribs Beauty. We are now celebrating! Since then, things have changed for Kelis fans searching for details on what Kelis is up to. Global Grind is at least partially responsible for the information we uncovered. The Hip-Pop friendly site posted news of an active Instagram account for the star called Sausage and Boots. You read it correctly, Sausage and Boots! My first thought was Hillshire. Need I say more? Though I digress, without going in too deep, food and cooking came to mind almost instantly. What goes good with sausage? Well, Kelis and her team must believe boots do and we will not disagree here at Abornewords. What is a girl, really, without something good looking on her feet? Questions, questions, questions, we can ponder them later. The goal is to get you focused on the idea that shoes are like a blinged out wrist. They just standout!

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You will be pleased with all of the great photos you will find there. That's why we have decided to let you in on a little bit more concerning Kelis' Social Media Presence. After doing some research we found out that Kelis has a Tumblr Page of the same name (Sausage and Boots); from there you will be able to check out the latest uploads from Team Kelis, by navigating to her twitter page, her website, or of course, her Instagram Account. Even if you are not throwing confetti, after reading this, enjoy your Sausage and Boots Journey. We sure did! Serendipity.