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It doesn't seem like it's been a year since I started my first day at working as a Service Associate on the cash register, at Stein Mart but about a year has passed and I'm lovin the fact that I have received a favorable review and my 1 year Service pin. As always I'm looking enjoying what I do and setting goals along the way so that I can make achievements and ultimately live better so I continue to look to and be inspired by The Masters. It's the people I most respect who will help me set my own course of action and so that I can share my voice and expertise with others, in life and right here on Abornewords. Ann Handley believes that Video Content, like Sway Calloway creates, should be used in Content Marketing. Handley shared her views in an interview on Wistia . Everyone may not want to be on camera all the time so innovation in the way we share content and information should vary too, if for no more than to offer something different. Go Animate offers Blogger's the option of animation using video. Since I just had my annual evaluation, the animated video below seems all too appropriate.

Here on Abornewords, we use video to help us share information and create brand awareness, making the content we share more engaging and alive. Here is a pic of my one year Service Pin. That's all.

Stein Mart Service Pin