After our children become young adults, they start to do things differently, as far as gifts and celebrating goes. This year my Son Minister Phillips and my future Daugther in law Chanelle decided they would surprise the Mothers in their life. Chanelle's Mother Cyhthia and myself of course were treated to a Mothers Day Breakfast at Keke's Breakfast Cafe. Here are some of the pictures from the Celebration and my review of the outing below.

This Mothers Day was so much fun and it made me realize what growing a family is all about. Here what I said about Keke's on Yelp.

Keke's is a perfectly nuzzled hideaway in W. Melbourne, Florida. Word of Mouth is bringing in diverse groups of family and friends to enjoy Goliath Type meals like Granola Crunch Waffles with just the right touch of bananas and whipped topping. The iced coffee is super and served with International Delight Creamers. Seating is ginormous and the lighting makes the atmosphere feel warm and welcoming. Colorful wall art catches the eyes and you may even be able to get your creative juices flowing. The best part is getting a visit from one of the Co-Owners.

One caveat, you may have to order extra fruit for your Granola Waffles, apparently, bananas are hard to come by. Plan your own Keke's Experience, when you visit the Sunshine or just wait for the expansion to happen in your area.

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