It is obvious that Mannie Fresh has a passion for what he does with sound as he shared quite a few fimiliar tunes, adding in his own sweet touches of beats for a true Bounce Experience.

Before the Beat Master ever did his lengthy 2 hr. interview with NPR, he had been featured on Life & Times in the partial interview that we will share here, Mannie Fresh elaborates on the state of Hip Hop, his creative process (which includes him getting pumped on old school Rap before starting to work in the studio) and how he uses remixes to make his listeners understand music better.

Mannie Fresh says "If it's Earth Wind & Fire and you not getting it, imma make you get it" The full interview includes talk of how proud he is of his contribution to 400 Degrees. You can listen here. If you are just ready to get into what we thought were cool sounds of Mannie Fresh, you might want to just press play below. The fact that he Chops up California Love and even does something unexpected with Bookie Down Bronx may entice you to listen to the full interview. Before you listen, I just have to tell you that everything Mannie Fresh does in just 24 minutes is what we expect from a DJ. Listen to how he backs us up, mixing in lots of New Orleans sound.

DJ's bring an energy that is hard to put into words unless you understand the creative and entertainment process. It's an art and DJ's will always be needed. If you talk events like parties, birthdays, or even the club scene, their necessity is evident. DJ's are music with personality, having a real knack for connecting with the crowd. Enjoy and tell us who your favorite DJ is.

Photo Credit: Life & Times