Before we address the obvious talk floating in the air about Angelina Jolie's latest role in Maleficent, let me just remind you that she is one of our favorite Actresses. Wit that being said, we still can't ignore the fact that she the star character in this Maleficent Movie, filled with evil. Her devilish look is turning a lot of heads all the way around, exorcise style! The gasping is coming from the pool of people who are in disbelief that she embraced the role so openly because of all the evil scene happening left and right. Some will say that there is a real tug-a-war happening everyday in our lives so why not show off the battle between good and evil in a movie? On behalf of Abornewords and me, there is little surprise or gasping taking place because we know that there are women out there who still see Angelina Jolie as an enemy or home wrecker.

Jolie's past or the way she found her long lost love should not matter so much, when it comes to the type of roles she accepts but somehow people always equate her choice to go for Brad as an evil act. Is her reel of talent filled with evil huh? Let's see, there are the spy thrillers full of mystery, the gun slinging roles, and the troubled past roles, and now there is this animated film with Disney called Maleficent. We will let you be the judge, just because we don't want to sway you one way or the other. While you are pondering your answer, take a look at this video from the Celebrity Stalkers over at TMZ.

After what we hope was an amusing clip on the home wrecker controversy, you should be ready for the real talk surrounding this Maleficent Movie. Well there are those who feel that Angelina's new role in Maleficent is an attempt to cast a favorable light on the devil and the evil in general. That is something that I don not believe could ever really happen, no matter how evil or is depicting, even in the event of a win by the opposing team.

The real reality of the situation is that we all will hit a glass ceiling at some point in life and be face with making some hard choices. My hope is that we end up on the right side of our decision.