Famous for more than The Movie Breakfast At Tiffany's, Audrey Hepburn was named the "Most Stylish Brit" of all time (beating out David Beckham) in a recent poll and USA Today shared the details about her burial, the upheaval that closed a museum created in her honor, and how Hepburn's Chocolate really broke the camels back, causing it all.

The report in USA Today, the same Newspaper used to garner the opinions of readers about how Stein Mart sizes up against Retailer's like Dillards and Macy's.   Reading like Enquirer Gossip,  it kept me clued in until the end.

The details: Audrey Hepburn was buried in Switzerland in the Swiss Village where she lived out her last days before dying of cancer. Residents say " she never acted like a Celebrity", calling her mannerisms and behavior simple and friendly. Apparently, a debut with her two Sons was the reason a museum created in her honor was closed. The Sons may have felt like the residents of the Swit Village were profiting from their Mother's famed name by selling lavender grown in her garden (she owned a home there) and chocolate.

Whatever the case, the commercialism ceased after the closing of the museum, according to USA Today Contributor Helena Bachmann. Chocolates are a popular treat and a perfect impulse buy for many consumers. At Stein Mart, we have so much Godiva Chocolate. It's hard to resist sometimes too; especially when you are staring at it as you are browsing greeting cards and gift bags or standing at the checkout.

Do you think that Hepburn's Sons would have felt differently if the chocolate would have been mass marketed before her death? In any case, I guess it sounds cliche to say "Give me my flowers while I'm here". If the residents had given Audrey Hepburn hers, maybe this share would read a little differently.

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