Can She Live?

Beyonce Knowles has been buzzing since before 2013's beginning. First it was the Pepsi Announcement, then came her nod to show you what she has during the Super Bowls Halftime Show.

The new year seemed to bring Queen Bee more media attention, as she was chosen once again to be a part of President Obama's Celebration, during the Inauguration. If that wasn't enough to show everyone just how far and wide her Star Power stretches, the paparazzi showed Eiffel Tower Love by photographing the singer with her Mega Mogul Main Squeeze, Jay-Z. Take a look at their Combo Celebrity Photo up that landed on the pages of The New York Post.

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Almost The First Family implies the headline, and a sigh comes from many of the Hip-Hop couples fans, once the dream of a Hip-Hop Couple in the White House finds them awake.

Beyonce's low profile dip out of the spotlight came to an end, after Kim Kardashian's pregnancy status changed from red light to green light. To prove she was back and ready to claim the year given to her by most media reporters, she showed off her post pregnancy bod, on the cover of GQ Magazine, rejecting notion that a mommy couldn't be a House Bunny. Beyonce's Fans apparently agreed with her, as they took to Social Media Channels, to weigh in with thumbs up support.

Beyonce has certainly come full circle. The talented singer teased her fans with Nuclear, a song written by Michelle Williams, another Destiny's Child Member. Other sweet music to hit the stores from the girl group, offering the best of the best is, Destiny's Child Love Songs.

The music only helped to push the hype along even more! Now, she's gearing up to grab that mic for some action on the field! We are sure that all of her fans will be out of their seats and up on their feet, once she starts to perform, proving that she deserves a standing ovation and an encore.

Can she live? Maybe not in your dream world, but in the name of good music, can we get an encore? Please!

 Michelle Williams 

Ever since Jay-Z traded in this jersey, we kind of expect him to come out looking all so gentlemen like showing off his suit game. He didn't disappoint for the Inauguration Celebration either. As expected, he was fresh to death, looking like the boss he is, He did look extremely beefy too. Leaving some to wonder if he is working out or just wearing a little Under Armour help. Whatever the case, he looked breathtaking.

Michelle Williams earned her reputation as a Destiny's Child Member by singing and dancing he way into the hearts of fans just like her girl pals Beyonce and Kelly. She made a name for herself in the Gospel Market and now she plans to show off her live performance skills in Chicago, as a cast member in Fela. Williams will play the love interest of Kuti. Find out more here

Nothing will get between Beyonce and her microphone for her Superbowl Performance. Let's just hope Beyonce's Referee Pose does not distract your favorite team on the field. Fashion, music, sports, and Hollywood. Wow!
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