It's time to bring a New Orleans diva out! Big Freedia is making a name for herself using Bounce Music. It's important because bounce is first choice party music in urban communities throughout New Orleans.

Freedia's Bounce Movement is taking her out of her familiar local atmosphere in New Orleans. She's bar hoping and festival hoping to different venues in the United States. Freedia and her dancers have even performed on Jimmy Kimmel and she was also just honored with a plague for setting a world record for twerking. Yes, she can really twerk!

Even though Freedia and her Creative Team have worked hard to achieve new levels of success, they are facing a dilemma common to most local artist. How to grow fame on a national level. Freedia's Fuse TV Spot is not the height of her ambition; she wants more! Unfortunately for Freedia, more could mean a shift or change in the normal bounce sound she's grown accustomed to. We don't know how far Freedia will take her career. Whatever she decides to do, she'll be doing it with vicious hair and a cute pooch. She's confident and adorable!

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Get a look into the True Culture of Bounce, New Orleans Style. It's grimmy raw and real enough to take you into the hood, Freedias Closet, and even into the depths of her bedroom. Take a look at Freedia's Grassroot Beginnings and don't forget to check out Freedia on Fuse.