Nene Leakes and The Curry Family have all invaded Kim Kardashians Emoji World. Achieving Emoji Status has become a real Celebrity Thing since Kim decided to characterize her image. We had to get in on the action after Black Enterprises dropped the news of the Nemoji. She is someone who I look up to. Besides being gorgeous she has managed to carve out her piece of The Celebrity Pie and for that she deserves to be noticed. Bloop to those of you who did not know about Nene's new app. I've already used it to buzz about a footwear trend on Facebook.

Next up is Stephmoji

The Curry Family

After we buzzed about Steph Curry and Wife Ayesha not reaching Kim Kardashians Emoji Status, the who family was emojilized. Now fans get to see Steph and a few pretty cool emojis of the whole family. That's all. Bloop.....