No matter how much time passes before we hear media coverage about Kelis Rogers, we are always up for the scoop on her latest moves. Kelis opened up to Lauren Laverne about how she approached the creative process, revealing something about her sleeping patterns which may actually be the secret behind her very chiseled face.

Good looking Celebs are always accused of getting little tweaks that preserve their youth. We have not heard any rumors about Kelis yet; she just always looks so stunning. Early to bed and early to rise practices apparently are something that Kelis takes very seriously.

Her son Knight is an early bird, rising at 6am daily, according to Kelis. Having a 3 year old helps to keep Kelis busy. Little Knight is even musically inclined. Kelis told Laverne that Knight expressed his desire to own a trumpet. Yes, it's almost official, he is a horn fan. Hale to Louis Armstrong!

The Jerk Ribs Beauty said that she is totally unattached, since she has only just recently opened an Instagram Account. Her reason for getting on board with Instagram is purely because of her love for fashion. Her unique fashion choices will certainly keep us checking for the latest post!

Kelis is not letting anyone define her with notions of what cool should be, by doing music her way. That's just what fans expect from big stars. Quality sound and her tasty style does not stop with her delicious music (she promises more) owning a restaurant called Feast is her vision for the future.

On the creative front, Kelis said that a quiet house is what she needs in order to stay original. The Star even shocked her own mother who expected more music to be in Kelis' collection. Obviously, we wish she was more social, but the thing we want most is more music. We are expecting great things from Kelis here at Abornewords. The anticipation is building for her new Food Album ,due to hit the market this fall.

Are you expecting an album that is more R&B or something that falls into the easy listening or alternative category?