We all love to hear the scoop on our favorite people. Good or bad, usually we are down for whatever little pieces the media gives us, no matter how small. Philanthropic efforts consisting of big checks make us raise a brow. Yet nothing gets us to talking more that a scandalous story filled with the he said, she said, and all kinds of bossip. Sorry, we don't have any of the bossip here for you today. We do, however, have what we are calling our fav 5 Snoop Did It List! Now let's get into the share!


1. Became a partner in Dog for Dog(a Santa Monica Calif-based Dog Food Maker) for every purchase made by consumers, the company gives back by donating the same items to a local shelter for pets, so that animals stay nourished and fed.

2. Made an attempt to compete with hot dog makers by releasing his own dog! That's right all you wiener lovers out there, Snoop released branded hot dogs called Snoop Doggs back in 2003.

3. Is lending his voice to Tom Tom GPS Users. Want to liven up the sound of your GPS instructions? You hear...Turn left, turn right, you have reached your destination. Imagine if that was Snoops voice. You can have it now. Find out more information about Voiceskins

4. Made the connection with youth a long time ago, when he started his Little League Football Team for boys ages 7-14. He's giving youngsters a way to stay active and use up all that extra energy.

5. Gave us the icing when we found out just recently that, he collaborated with Darius Rucker on a song called "Sleeping In My Bed". No y'all it's not a monster, it's just Snoop doing the romance thing country style.

We hope you feel a little closer to Snoop Lion and his Reincarnation. Now we want to ask that you turn up the volume for a song tease of this song shocker. Enjoy, Before you press play, Snoop has new music out and available on Itunes called 7 Days of Funk.