New Orleans Wedding Magazine Features Annie Johnson & Roger Watkins (July-August)
New Orleans Wedding Magazine Features Annie Johnson & Roger Watkins (July-August) by abornewordsnkp on Polyvore

Okay, so everyone is busy buzzing about Kim's Kanye Proposal.   Media Outlets were all to ready to express their about times in articles that shared the over the top details of Kanye's will you marry me. The Jumbo-tron Message, the orchestra, and photos of the ginormous rock now being worn to remind men, women, and fans that Kim Kardashian and Mr. West are now officially off the market.

All that's cool and newsworthy in it's own right. The real wonder is, how will The Kardashian To West Union play out in theme, atmosphere, and celebration?

After getting a healthy dose of how magical weddings can be from New Orleans Wedding Magazine, my imagination has dreamed up heavenly expectations that seem unreal! It's not just about all the fancy that money can easily buy. It's about being original, being unique. New Orleans Wedding Magazine showed off this October Bride adorned with Blue Cowgirl Boots. Here is an eyeful of the brides Blue Magic. Compliments of Daddy dearest. Yes, her Texas Daddy had a hand in making her something blue even more special. The best part of the Blue Boot touch is that the bride actual wore them as her shoe for the wedding which took place in the Elms Mansion and Gardens, on St.Charles Ave., in New Orleans. Annie called her boot move her way of putting a little Texas in it! What a way to enjoy a Wedding Celebration in true Posh form an fashion!

Annie Johnson & Roger Watkins used Blue Cowgirl Boots and the Historic Elms Mansion and Gardens, complete with a Second Line through the courtyard, to create shock and amazement, on their wedding day.

What will be the center of awe for the Kardashian To West Union? Huh?