Don't laugh and I only say that because I know you will if you have been following our recent Blog Post.

For the longest time or at least ever since Jay Z and Beyonce put their Golden Celebrity Touch on Tupac' s Bonnie & Clyde, they have become Hip-Hops Bonnie & Clyde and we have gotten use to referring to them as such. Things are changing in the Celebrity World and that means things are changing for us regular folks too since they are our opinion leaders.

Since I don't have cable anymore in my home, I have really been getting into Prime Time Series these days. If you were once into Dallas and Knots Landing, you are probably more likely to recognize the names Jack Porter and Amanda Clark. They are part of the cast from the Prime Time Soap called Revenge. I watch it through and through and through thanks to my trusty library card. It made me think about the unbreakable bond shared by Jay'once and their commitment to one another so I got ever so inspired. The photo above was what I would call the thorn in my finger and it helped motivate me to keep creating. Understand this: Jay Z and Beyonce would both still be huge stars, even if they were not a couple but together they are a powerhouse, a Celebrity Explosion! I have nothing but respectable admiration for the writers and cast of Revenge so if you have not seen it, i suggest that you order Seasons 1-4 from Best Buy.

This Series is the greatest thing since Kill Bill which featured Uma Thurman at her very best. That movie is the reason I know her name today and one of the reasons I am a fan of her work today. Revenge to me is a continuation of that type of writing and Jay Z and Beyonce are the ones I see standing under the rainbow, getting their fairytale ending against all odds. Just like Jack Porter and Amanda Clark, Jay Z and Beyonce experience challenging moments but somehow they are still able to keep holding hands and smooching, showing us that love is possible, even when rumors of cheating and divorce get splattered across magazines for someone else's good. Jay Z and Beyonce Are Our Jack Porter and Amanda Clark. I will omit my usual tag you're it ending and simply add, respect my mind!

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