Mama Needs New Shoes?

Another Rapper on the blog! Consider this.

Break ups to make ups, we have all been on opposite sides of that scenario. A recent turn of events found  Superstar Kanye West embracing a journalist. In addition to issuing an apology, the teddy cuddle was Kanye's way of righting a wrong that occurred after a lunch date with Kim Kardashian.

The action that spurred all the media attention beforehand was sort of a talk to the hand move initiated by Kanye West after Kardashian was questioned by a journalist about congratulating her ex boo, Reggie Bush, on his expected bundle of joy. Yes, it's a baby for the football pro, so where does that leave Kim? Kim has considered freezing her eggs! Although juicy, that's not the highlight of this whole situation. Kanye West is the one who has really shocked a lot of fans. How? Well for one, he seems to be revealing his true feelings. The next clue that makes his recent celebrity activity suspect and more newsworthy is the thought of Mr. West feeling the pressure to get serious and start a family.

Kanye West has watched his big brother Jay-Z become a proud father and also his ex girlfriend Amber Roses belly rise. It's understandable how the pressure to reproduce could be setting into his 808 lifestyle. The media attention, associated with Kanye's talk to the hand move, had some insiders thinking that he would actually smash the camera of the journalist posing the question. Many fans were not surprised. Those who follow Kanye's Twitter Time line, or related news, kind of expect a rant or two every now and then. The reality that seems to be showing its face is one thing. What is it? Kanye West does not have a little Yeezy yet. Face the facts! Kanye's love for his mother makes everyone want to see him become a parent. Abornewords wonders if fatherhood is on the books for Mr. West. Tell us what you think!