Kelis probably did not have any idea that her Milkshake, the one that brought all the boys to the yard, would have such an impact in defining her as a Hip-Pop Artist. The song is still groundbreaking today, simply because it crossed over to other genres, and it took Kelis out of the traditional R&B Category. It may even be part of the reason Kelis decided to change her Tasty with her new song Jerk Ribs. Look how one fan made everyone laugh at her own Milkshake so to speak!

We don't know what she looks like or how she uses her Milkshake, but we have a feeling that she was probably wishing she could have some of the Kelis flavor, to increase her it factor! Kelis said in her song "I could teach you but I'll have to charge" This fan may need some lessons, so we will just remind her in the words of GI Peachez "You Gotta Pay For It" Kelis is Rich!

Here is Kelis and Andre 3000 looking every bit of it with flowers to match!

Now she's here and we can't wait to share more music from her new Food Album due some time this fall.

How has Kelis influenced or inspired you to be your best? Are you rocking with her 'Til The Wheels Fall Off?