We are raising our children at time With so many reality Shows making it into our livingrooms everyday, sometimes it is to easy to forget about the classics. The classics are the shows that we grew up on, the ones that never seem to get old, the shows with characters that come alive on screen to tell a story, provide a message, or help us to remember how important it is to be humble.

Picking out favorites is difficult when there are so many talented actors and actresses to watch. However, here are a few ladies who I always enjoyed watching growing up.

Ladies We Love To Watch On Re-Run

Ladies We Love To Watch On Re-Run by abornewordsnkp featuring plastic glasses

Beth Howland played the role of Vera on the sitcom Alice, working as a waitress in Mel's Diner. Her late lightbulb moments were popular and funny. The show was a great platform for bringing work relationships and friendships on the same platform.

Jean Staplton didn't have to be blonde to steal the show and our hearts on All In The Family. Her role as wife and mother heped to balance out Carroll O Connor's (Archie Bunker) harsh bigotry and issues with other races. Stapltons role as (Edith Bunker) softened the sharp tongue of Archie Bunker.

Designing Women brought out the sparkle in Alice Ghostley and the laughs followed. Her tendency to go a little to far with the bottle is something that enhanced the comedy on Designing Women. You couldn't help but love to see how her attempts to be fashionable would play out.

What can I really say about Betty White? Well, for one she comes to life on camera. Although my fandom for her is largely because of the role she played on The Golden Girls as Rose Nylan, I respect her perseverance and success today. She continues to keep herself relevant and more funny in roles like the one she has developed on Hot N Cleveland.

In her latest book called If You Ask Me(and of course you wont) is a positive highlight and contrast to the funny side of Betty White. It reveals a more intellectual side of the star, putting her love for animals in the spotlight as she tells the story of career and long-term friendships in business. The white-haired beauty even dishes on her secrets to success on camera. I recommend the audio book because Betty White narrates the story so well.

It's obvious that we would have missed something extra special, if these ladies had chosen another career path. I'm just grateful that we were still able to laugh and get a feel for what nice really means. Even when the storylines were filled with moral and serious material, we were able to enjoy the personalities of the characters.