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Do Mom's really have the power to guide the behavior of their girls beyond adolescence? It could very well be out of their hands, if young girls are able to learn and build their own ideas and values based on life experiences outside of the Mothers control. For instance, Daughters who are home schooled may very well exhibit more of the values/behavior of their Mother but a Daughter who attends public school will likely have many more opportunities to see positive role models like Teachers, Office Personnel, and her own peers. There are many opportunities that can negate that rearing of a Mother and the influence of upperclassmen can also play a role, helping Daughters to become individuals outside of their Mothers shadow. Considering which ones will foster higher self esteem will depend on how young girls adjust and how they see themselves. Dr. Christiane Northrup believes that a Mothers ability to influence starts in the womb and continues through the course of a young girls life to adulthood, ultimately affecting health and wellness (Read More)

The real issue is, what are we teaching our Daughters? More importantly, what are they learning from us and those they encounter on a daily basis?

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