Celebrities build their careers using their talent and by doing what many consider extraordinary things. We will forever remember Pink and her acrobatic moves, tightropes and all. Or what about Oprah's all to perfect way of questioning, interacting and speaking with her many guest. Her charisma is what made her so magnetic and ultimately very famous. Need I remind you of how Steve Harvey and his comical ability got him into the spotlight. The now bald and beautiful, "Think Like A Man" Talk Show Host, still has a thriving Radio Show and women everywhere hanging on his every word. And the survey says, these are perfect examples of Celebrities who are still wielding their power and doing extraordinary things today.

There are those unfortunate instances when Celebrities are accused of being famous for being famous like the Kardashians or their actions are labeled as being deliberate and caluculated, if they are able to capitalize off something scandalous like a Sex Tape.

Still, once the flames of fame are lit, you can bet that members of the media will be talking, writing, and sharing their take. Today, here at Abornewords, we are sharing Rapper Lil Kim who recently released her long awaited mixtape called Hardcore 2K14. Checkout Lil Kim picuted along with Christina Aguilleria. We had to pair those two together because they sort of have a few things in common, besides their Celebrity Status.

No, Lil Kim is not trying to be a multi-faceted Artist, by singing on her new mixtape. Christina Aguilleria is not pulling a Musik Soulchild and turning into a Rapper either.

The similarities between the two stem from the fact that they both recently gave birth to little girls and both included reign (rain) in their daughter's names. The Hardcore Rapper Lil Kim chose the takeover version, Reign which means royal power, authority or rule. Christina Aguilleria's decided to go with rain, as in water falling to earth that has been condensed from the moisture in the atmosphere.

Lil Kim's daughter Royal Reign and Christina Aguilleria's daughter Summer Rain will likely end up being playmates on some playground in New York. While there isn't any indication that their two very famous Mommies will be collaborating musically, we are always anticipating the unexpected. Until then, more possibilities develop on Lil Kim's musical moves, we will just enjoy her latest and ask that you listen and tell us what you think in the comment section. Lil Kim's Hardcore

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