We gave you an itsy bitzy bit of the buzz on Ms. Tasha Benjamin. Her marriage to Radio Personality Wild Wayne is not how she has chosen to define her position in the game. She is showing off her meaning as a voice to be reckoned with and an ultimate fan of relaxation.

Ms. Tasha is a Massage Therapist! Yes, yes y'all, she is rubbing folks up, down, and all around! Everything must be all good in the Benjamin Household. After all, she is in constant contact with her clients in the most intimate and private circumstances. Nothing is wrong with that either. All we can say is Wow and more power to you!

That's not all of the awe surrounding this couple. She's showing off her love for what she does with her Branded Business called Fleur De Touch. You can't help but make the connection between the game, city, and Fleur De Touch. Now that you know shes about her business and doing business with feeling good in mind, Listen to one of our favorite songs from this singing handsation!

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