Nice Gunz streaked in and slipped us that Triggerz Got No Heart and we have been pumped ever since, here at Abornewords. The realness of the tracks is just what the hood is always looking for. Though, he goes hard on the entire album, the actual realness is not so much in the gang banging or gangster moves he's pulling off. His shine is in the context of the stories he has managed to include in his lyrical flow.

That's what is going to reach the people, what guys relate to _____ even more than girls. Here you see a few stills from Nice Gunz video shoot, as he prepares us for the release of Im Keep It Hood, the first video from his Triggerz Got No Heart Mixtape. Contrary to what we believed would happen, Nice Gunz did not use Feel Like Boosie as a lead single for his first video. He gets an A plus for standing on his own two. This is just a peep at another store theme video, one for which Nice Gunz is becoming well known for. He is doing it for the hood and the fam. Make a name for yourself Nice Gunz. We are supporting you 100% over her at Abornewords and so are the people who really matter!