While everyone is calling Omari Hardwick the next Denzel Washington, he is staying busy, taking on romantic roles and becoming famous for his ways with the ladies. After seeing him play husband and lover to Gabrielle Union on Being Mary Jane, we are wondering what type of husband he will be to his new wife, on 50 Cent's Power Series.

He's trying marriage again with a new love interest, Naturi Naughton, the Actress known for her role in Nororious_____where she so passionately played The Head Black Barbi in charge, Lil Kim.

Naturi Naughton's role as wife (Natasha St. Patrick) in Power will not be anything like Sanaa Lathan's wifey role in Repentance. Lathan had a psycho challenging the future of her love with Mr. Handsome, Anthony Mackie. Naughton has different obstacles to face in Power, as wife to Ghost (Omari Hardwick) a Kingpin turned business man. It will be interesting to see what type of impact she has on Hardwicks (Ghost) transition into legitimate business deals and checks and balances.

Hopefully Naughton will not have to deal with infidelity and confront the underlying issues of what a transition from the street life means in terms of friendships and community, especially since owning a club does not exactly disconnect (Ghost) Omari Harwick from the Party Life.

Are you looking forward to seeing how their marital relationship plays out on screen? If they are able to show real character development, we might just get more than 8 episodes out of Starz. Tell us what you think!

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