Photo Credit: Global Grind

No matter if you go to the park, frolic around in your yard, or take a stay-cation taking time off from your work routine and the hustle and bustle of life, it's the type of down time we all need to keep our spirits and energy high. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who can do what my Son's fiance did. She took a long weekend off from work and cruised to the Bahamas, had a few drinks and bonded with family. I'm sure your beautiful home and your fancy car(s) will be okay while you are gone and your perfect little white picket fence will still be standing when you get back.

Jay Z always manages to show us how important getting rest and relaxation and family time is, and just like Walt Disney, he loves spending time with his girls. Blue Ivy and wifey Bey are always able to shine with the man in charge, Jay Z. Recently, the couple was spotted and photographed coasting the waters.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy had on matching bathing suits and Jay Z was teasing us all with the muscular definition of his back


Squeezing in those type of moments is what makes life worthwhile. I love to see that type of bonding happening between such influential people, the trendsetters are the ones who kind of influence what is happening in the lives of regular folks like me and also in the business world. The Carters may be busy and their schedules may be pretty booked but they make time to play a bit. The Carters and Wifey to be Chanelle are showing us how it's done. Thanks to my Hip-Hop Family and my new family for holding me down over here on Abornewords.

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