You been waiting for this!

The Rapper who made it perfectly clear that he wanted to be known as the Boss, in the Music Industry, has don something other than squash his beef with Rapper 50 Cent. Yes, we are talking about Rick Ross, the advice giver himself because for one he has done something to distinguish himself from the rest and we noticed. On 106 & Park, he compared his creative process to artwork saying he paints a picture with words and now his Mastermind is on some permanent paint, inking Rich Forever on his chin. Strategically placed on his chin, the words seem to be straight to the point. Except TMZ is blasting him saying that his 30 million dollar net worth is just temporary. Take a look and see if you like it.

Alright you might be saying to yourself, Rappers get face tats all the time, but this one is more of a symbol than just an ordinary tattoo. I love that the chin is the sensitive spot for fighters. If you get hit on it in the right spot say roca bye baby because that's the knockout punch!

Another thing most of us pride ourselves in doing is starting a trend, being among the first to do something that everyone else gets on board with. For Rick Ross this is that thing! I've seen foreheads so much and although I love what Rapper Nice Gunz did with his hand tat and also what his buddy did in the Nice Gunz Cameo with his arms, the chin thing just stands out more.

Now we can talk about something other than his sixth studio album Mastermind and his Off The Corner feature with Meek Mill. Just in case you missed them repping about how much money they made on the corner, listen below.

Did they really graduate from the streets and would you give them an A in your Rap Grade Book?