Salt and Pepper are not coming to out Rap you and their not on the prowl for your guy. In their latest project which happens to be a very creative commercial, Salt, Pepper and their stylish DJ Spinderella they all breathe new life into their hit Push It! Nothing seems to be off limits in their Geico Commercial. Their fashion is very familiar, showing off colorful leather jackets and long tresses.

Their not only uplifting Hip-Hop Culture but lending their brand power to Gieco and attracting a new target market group. Moms and Dads who love Hip-Hop Culture and others who work in the business. This is really a huge step forward for Gieco.

Choosing the Push It Song is really a great way to get all drivers on board with the idea of pushing their ride on the highway while being insured by one of Geicos Insurance Plans.  The Hip-Hop Community has to be smiling while watching this one.  Push It real good but make sure you are covered when you do and don't forget AAA for those times when your battery dies or you run out of gas.

You can watch the commercial here Tag you're it!