Eshe continues to crave out her own lane in music, standing as confident as ever with Rapper Rasheeda, the singer is looking superior. Although, we are sure that we are not the only ones taking notice. The Singer/Dancer has been recognized as a superior singer long before we ever knew what she had to offer vocally. Eshe has received quite a few nods in the Music Industry for her participation in the Concept Group Arrested Develpment before she ever hooked up Actor Omari Hardwick.

What's so special about Eshe is that her success in not marked by an overstaturation of meida blast and tv appearances. Though "she is packaging her brand for uplifting messages, performances and appearnaces", with over 7 million units sold, her success was confirmed long ago. After 10 albums, now she is taking her solo career to new levels and using hot guys and her soulful voice to forge a new fanbase, sweeping the Music Industry with a style that can not be denied.

Eshe travels and performs on different stages singing dancing and doing spoken word performances. Her love of spoken word is what probably brought her together with Actor Omari Hardwick. We loved his performance on Eshe's You Make Me Wanna, so we had to share it here. Watch, listen and learn!

I love what these two did on this track and Omari's performance really reminded me a lot of Rapper Common on this one. Eshe and Hardwick seemed to share an intimate connection on camera. The sparks were flying long before all the media attention started about the Power Series on Starz.

To all the Artist out there doing their thing, I hope this post helps you to realize that all paths of success are not marked by BET Appearnaces and media frenzies. You can create your own lane and achieve great things by staying the course and believing in your talent and ability. Eshe is a Grammy Award Winner, MTV Award Winner and an NAACP Image Award Winner.