Oprah sits in a postion of power for her Super Soul Sunday Show, holding all the cue cards. She's the one in charge of asking the questions and her guest seem ready to engage her. That must feel really good for a woman who started from humble beginnings. I'll bet the Media Mogul is feeling even better these days, even if she will be competing with over 75% of the population. Let me explain. Oprah is apparently going into the tea business! Although it's Starbucks and some 83% of adults drink coffee in the US daily, according to one USA Today Article, teas may become a bit more popular, since Oprah's name is attached to Teavana.

Our prediction is based on the popularity and reputation of the Power of O! Yes, Oprah Winfrey has not lost her Golden Touch. In fact, she's "black gold" Teavana Teas and far from being hillbilly. She is however, a savvy business woman for partnering with Teavana and Starbucks for a venture that will benefit tea lovers across the United States and Canada.

For every cup sold at the National Starbucks Chain, a donation will be made to benefit educational opportunities, including Oprahs Leadership Academy. Chairman, President, and Chief of Executive Officer, Howard Schultz seemed overjoyed saying "This is a momentous day for Starbucks & Teavana collectively, and we are honored to share Teavana Oprah Chai with our customers".

The Flavor Variety

  • Oprah Chai Tea Latte
  • Brewed Oprah Chai Tea
  • Oprah Chai Loose Leaf Tea

Oprah's Chai Tea Latte sounds perfect for my palette and personality. Fresh brewed coffee lovers may like the Handcrafted Brewed Oprah Chai Tea better. Whatever beverage you are drinking you have something else besides single serving cups to look forward too. Small and Large Gift Sets in select locations will be available for sale too.

Chicago residents can choose to go to their regular Starbucks Location or to the newly opend Teavanan Fine Teas + Tea Bar to get their Oprah down the hatchet.

Well, I'm guessing Talk Show Host Stevie Harvey has a new place to visit for some down time sipping and also something else to aspire too! The dream is still alive people and sitting there someplace, filling the air with steam, is one of Oprah's fresh brewed teas! How much do you think one of these will cost?