Put some respect on Sway Calloway's name! His video interview with Actor Morris Chestnut is the best thing for me to show you right now.

It's not because he is a master at interviewing or because he easily got Chestnut to speak on Steph Curry while making some predictions on which teams and players are balling the best. The video helps us give you so much good information and by the end of this read you will understand why I'm so excited about sharing this interview. Yes, Kobe and Lebron James names come up in this very intriguing conversation. He even talks about how much work should go into your craft, if you believe Acting is your calling. Okay, I absolutely can't hold it anymore! It's because of how great Morris Chestnuts beard is looking in combination with that bald head of his, wife beater fashion choice and jean jacket overlay.

I like to put work into finding the right products to share so that we all look and feel our best as we interact with each other during work and play. I felt compelled to share these beard oils, after watching this Sway Calloway's Interview and reading my Happi Magazine which featured scented beard oil from Gentlemans Foundry. My beard wearing male readers will find this share perfectly useful. Female readers should get their sticky notes out and begin taking notes so that they can buy appropriately for their dudes. Can someone say perfect gift please? That's all.