The Feline Line Up

There will always be a place in the alley for feline bodied babes. Get Me Bodied  takes on a whole new meaning with some of our favorite Music Industry Chics. Angelina Jolie is more than just every woman's lip dream and every man's fantasy, she has a feline body that makes her a candidate of the Abornewords Class of chick picks with unique bodies. Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta's Erica Dixon has her own cat woman style going on too, so we couldn't leave her out. Her looks and love finally won Big Scrappy's heart over, and he  (Put A Ring On It)  on live tv. Now it's lights, camera and action for the talent and bodies we admire. Here's what our feline chick picks are upto.


Brandy- Promoting her album by dropping singles like crazy. Her Put it down collaboration with Chris Brwon is in heavy rotation on the top ten countdown of BET's 106 & Park. Brandy's new album 2 Eleven is scheduled to be released 2 days before her Good Morning America Appearance on October 18, 2012. Brandy will also have a role in an upcoming 2013 movie called The Marriage Counselor.

Halle Berry- her duties as mother to daughter Nahla takes top priority. Still, she finds time to use her God given talent to bless the Big Screen. Her latest project Cloud Atlas is expected to blow movie goers away. Her performance is going to set the stge to put her in the company of great multiple role players like Eddie Murphy (The Nutty Professor) and Martin Lawrence (Big Momma). Yes, this female actress will be playing about 6 characters according to some reports. Halle also has a new fragrance called Closer. The fragrances appeal is slated to be remembered like Secret. In the advertisement Halle speaks in a seductive voice saying " made for a woman, shared with a man".

Erica Dixon- Like Halle, Dixon is concentrating on being a good mother, as she prepares to we'd longtime boyfriend, Big Scrappy. The wedding planning is in full effect. Her Reality Show Days may not be over, if her marriage to Scrappy get enough buzz to make fans excited enough to rally for a spin off that chronicles their married lifestyle. Who knows?


Rapper Eve, y'all already know we love her rhymes and style. She got her Reebok game going, even though she is still that puma chicster. Her mother confirmed her grind in an interview, proving that Eve's good looks are the result of good genes. The Rapper recently showed off her stage presence by hitting the stage with DMX. #WhoLiedToYou? Eve is not gone. She just dropped a new single called She Bad Bad and her Rap Album Lip Lock is still slated to be released soon.

Angelina Jolie- Not only every woman's lip dream but every mans first kiss. Wish hard and you will at least get to enjoy Jolie's Movies Star Status in her upcoming movie called In The Land of Blood And Honey. Yes, she's so bad in a good way. The Humanitarian has even used her voice in Kung Fu Panda as Tigress.

KeKe Palmer- singing should be her middle name. She's all over the place these days. She's singing her heart out in her latest song. Her claim today is that she's inspired by the likes of Brandy and she openly expressed it on BET's 106 & Park. The latest news and buzz on KeKe is style related. The cameras caught her in a reddish orange number, sizzling.

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