Kanye West didn't go girl with amazing body parts to star along side him in his Future feature, he accepted an opportunity to work with Future because he had worked up a comback strategy, at least that is what seems clear to me. His move to express himself, be creative and be seen is not a coattail move. It also not like a rumble in nature or good old fashion mud slinging.

"I Won" is a Future song, yes Ciara's boo and soon to be baby mama. Yet, if it were not for Kanye's Verse, the song would not have as much punch! The verse that humpty dumpted a lot of drinkers may not have anyone acting right, but it sure revived Kanye's Motorbike ride with Kim Kardashin and showed us just how serious he is about his relationships.

Kim Kardashian so clearly gets uplifted to trophy wife pedestal, right along with her siblings, who are probably nodding their heads in agreement and giving high fives right now.

Many of you will be taken aback by Kanye's finger writing in the sand, on a competitive and creative level. Maybe you can't help but fall in love with his sand comeback. I loved it too but for more reasons than the pleasure of what victory can offer.

Ever since I wrote my own poetic line, professing my dedication< I have had this thing for beaches, sand and footprints. Here's the line...."Miles beyond my footsteps, until my vision meets my footprints. I don't know if it will rank up there with Tupac's "Until The End Of Time or Future's I Won. It's something that I will always go back to, something that means more than winning, a victory of love, just because. Watch The Video