We told you that New Orleans Artist Tiffany Shante has been doing her thing in the Music Industry for quite some time. She is calling herself 1/2 of the Misfitz these days and also promising that she will release Highway 2 Hollywood soon and also release a video to compliment her new music. She is not shy about showing how she feels and is always changing her hair from short to long, playing around with a multitude if colors. Here she is with purple hair and of course we like it!

We have seen her rolling in the sack with The Show, we have seen her show off her singing range (singing the Stars Spangled Banner), we have also seen her Reverbnation Page, and the song she did with Lady Dahlia called "Dope Bitch recently had many of us gasping, just like the photo above. I guess she likes making it easy for us to read her body language and though I have not gotten to this point of expression in lyrics or regular conversation, I appreciate this photo because it is so 80's baby! I just keep thinking Jane Fonda and leg warmers for some reason. The colors are certainly induce happy, mood changes. Their looks are just so me and perfectly cool.

If the urge to bring out a VHS player or a cassette tape hits you, just remember that there are still some Thrift Stores that are actively selling VHS players and big box television sets, at steal prices.

We can hardly wait for Tiffany Shante to drop Highway 2 Hollywood because she is absolutely an Artist on the rise with the look, sound, and personality of a Musical Superstar.