Ever dreamed about attending one of Hollywood's big events with some of the biggest names in the business?  B.E.T. wants to give you a chance to see just what it feels like to rub noses with the upper class.  Here's the deets (details) on what you have to do to snag your seat at 6 Big B.E.T. Events coming in 2015.  It's plain, simple and to the point.  Thanks to B.E.T. for presenting viewers with a chance to feel like royalty! 

Looks like a VIP Opportunity right? All you have to do is watch, catch the code, and upload the code. It's that easy! The Grand Prize is the gold! I know Hip-Hop Fans who watch B.E.T. everyday are excited about this upcoming chance to ball hard. Life is good! When you're an insider, you don't have to try too hard! Things that are worthwhile just seem to fall in your lap. Good luck and enter as much as you can!

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