Animal Love

Showing love for your animal by using petting as a bonding technique and treats as a reward mechanism are a couple of ways to show love. Still, consider The words of Keith Sweat before reading any further. How deep is your love?

It happens to you too right? Every time you bake something you get a doggy alert, compliments of your furry little friend, when it's ready. Your animals, seemingly gifted intellect, is one of the reasons you love your pet(s) so much. How far are you willing to go to show just how much you do? Well some courageous pet owners are probably willing to take their love for animals all the way to the streets of Washington in protest. For some pet owners that would be an extreme move, even if Washington was their home state. Purchasing products like Shea Moisture Soap would be a more practical choice since it's package sports the cruelty free bunny face. Yeah for brand manufacturers who find ways to honor the animal species.

Wendy Williams recently found a way to use her celebrity (body) to extend a helping hand to PETA nationwide cause. The Talk Show Queen was not holding a microphone or pulling a note from her hair. In fact, she took it all off, going bare for PETA.

Showing her nakedness, the words read familiar in the photos, "I'd rather go naked than wear fur". Although, I would probably opt for an ad like Charlize Theron's girl friendly dog pose, Wendy Williams is still one of my favorite people. How courageous and considerate of her. Her support for the cause is not surprising, and she is always trying to take her audience from reality to fantasy, as she has admitted more than once that she puts the glam and fashion on for us. Wendy looks great in the photos, like a real I like the Way You Move chic. Wendy could have very well been one of the car washing models in Andre 3000's video for the hit song. That song is classic and inspirational, just like Wendy Williams.

More and more celebrities are posing with (dogs) mans best friend. Jay-Z and Diddy posed perfect with the four-legged animal. Tamar's hubby, Vince Herbert, even purchased a cute lilt lie dog after his health scare, vowing to walk more.

Wendy Williams showed us how far she is willing to go, to show her love for animals, for a good cause. Whether domesticated or wild, celebrities are showing us that animals matter. Now, all we have to do is keep the conversation going, by doing what we can to be a voice for animals on earth. Message delivered. Take heed!

Charlize Theron is cute as the cruelty free bunny pictured above. She's also one of the stars of the latest Snow White Movie, Snow White & The Huntsman.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were recently in the studio together and there is speculation that we can expect some music from the Superstars. We can't confirm that now, but we can tell you that Me, "Memphis Bleek and the Young Gunz are doing a Roc-A-Fella reunion on December 19 at the Gramarcy Theater" in New York, according to Rapper Freeway who was interviewed for Jay-Z's Life &Times website. Also expect to see Jay-Z and Cold Play on December 31st.

Macy Gray's album cover for her 2003 album entitled "Macy Gray The Trouble With Being Myself caught my attention, as I listened to Pandora Digital Radio. It seemed so befitting to share with this post. Macy Gray performed Beauty In The World on Good Morning America. You can check out the Video & Lyrics here.