Y'all know how we do here at Abornewords. Our eyes are always on prizes. Readers we have someone to introduce. It's a treat so perfect for the month of October. Listen to Wild Wayne's introduction and then we will share a little more.

Wild Wayne is a Radio Personality broadcasting throughout New Orleans and the surrounding area. The sound of his voice is very commercial and familiar. It's the voice that so many New Orleans Residents have grown to love. He's on the 1's and 2's , on the spot, and on location at so many events and special occasions, all the time.

Giving out tickets and being the friendly voice behind the mic for so many special promotions is just what he does. He is cuffed to Ms. Tasha, his wifey, and they're raising two beautiful children together.

Wild Wayne recently interviewed 2Chains in a special Q-93 interview that lasted well over 7 minutes. In the interview, Wild Wayne talks with 2 Chains about his early success and how putting out mixtapes helped him catapult to Superstar Status. They talked about how important nurturing relationships is and also talked about 2 Chains B.O.A.T and Me Time and lots more......

After listening to Wild Wayne, tell us if you think his Radio Personality is large enough to compete with BlogXilla's confident and charming Blogger Personality. That's right, we like other creative individuals who don't have Rapper attached to the front of their names.