Hors d'oeuvres Anyone?

Writer Stephen Marche takes his sword to Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay! Before I tell you all about how his pen became a lethal weapon, I have to tell you how Will Smith helped to pretty this up. The Legendary Actor landed the cover of Esquire Magazine, showing off his focus body appeal.  Thankfully, the image of Will Smith softened the blow, of the massacre that would happen later, to Chef Gordon Ramsay. I could tell you all about Will Smith's new movie called Focus which will premiere in theaters this Friday. Instead I will tell you about how Writer Stephen Marche went after Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay, calling his mannerisms and the random out burst of screams he uses on Hell's Kitchen, military style antics.

Stephen Marche made it clear that he would not want to sit down and eat at the same table with someone who seems to have no problem swearing while holding a fork. There is some appeal there, when you think of Hell's Kitchen being the workplace of the famous Chef and the obvious code of ethics that goes along with his profession. It is Reality Television though, so there is a level of sympathy the audience might feel, after seeing someone get chopped verbally on National Television. Who says there is something wrong with stirring up a little compassion, right? The accomplished Chef may in fact be following a script, since Reality Shows are rumored to be scripted.

The problem Stephen Marche seems to have with Chef Gordon is that somewhere between the freakin' idiot language and (I'm putting it nicely) the knives, the cooking and technique of it all, gets lost.

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay would not be so successful, without having collected a few clean plates. His only fault is, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the writer/critic Stephen Marche who decided to use his pen as a sword and his judgmental tone, like God.

Finally, we may never know or even care if his abrasive attitude is genuine but if we decide to follow the advice of Marketing Genius Rohit Bhargava, we would view Hell's Kitchen as Brainless Media and abandon it for something more tasteful like: The Black Panthers: Vanguard Of The Revolution Documentary or the 3 languages of Jamila Lyiscott which is simply a beautiful expression and demonstration of Being Elegant. Ooohhh, I'm cooking now, is anyone else hungry?

Just in case you are a little bit curious about the guy who is responsible for this massacre, here is a picture of his innocent looking face and harmless looking stature.

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