106 Personality

Seriously the popular alarm went boom for the new 106 &Park co-host, baring the name Miss Mykie. She's educated, talented, and showing off a little something extra every time she opens her mouth. Take a look at Mykie's girl at the bus stop pose!

When Miss Mykie talks everyone listens. She has an accent that makes her standout from the rest. She's as cute as a button, a real little Miss Shirley Temple type. The girl has that it factor, something 106 & Park needs to balance all of the new personalities out. When questioned about her own hopes for a successful career, Mykie doesn't deny that she is a performer at heart, but says her focus is on being the best broadcaster/co-host she can be. Miss Mykie joins in the great company of celebrities who standout for one reason or another. For example, Will Smith has the ears, Jay-Z has the gorgeous lips, Eve has the paw prints, Wendy has her wigs, Kelis has the almost perfect vernacular, Kat Williams has his perm, Oprah has her favorite things, Dwight Howard has his boyish attitude, Two Chains has his dreads, and Miss Mykie has her accent and super trendy Mohawk!

Face the facts, the Howard Graduate can wear so many hats. Picture her as that cool rebel chic next door or the pink collar worker in a white collar career world. Keisha Cole proved that Miss Mykie has the it factor when she got her Mykie alter ego on in the video for Trust and Believe. Miss Mykie is even being called the Hip-Hop Eras Reba McEntire. Do you think she has what it takes to take her career as far as the charismatic actress/singer Reba McEntire? Tell us what you think in the comment section. Look out world, Miss Mykie's a star.


Besides her canning ability to portray her supportive mother character, on the sitcom Reba, she has a gifted voice that crosses over to touch the hearts of fans, who love great music. Consider Me Gone is certainly a song that many ladies will relate to and appreciate. Every woman would love to capture a mans heart with just a kiss. Some women will say food is still the source to a mans heart but a kiss puts you in touch with your true Cinderella moment. Like Chaka Chan, Reba McEntire is also the epitome of every woman.

Kandi Burruss is what every artist should inspire to be. On the business side, she has her hand in it all. Great songwriter, talented singer, and entrepreneur. She truly does it all. Buruss even made herself seem more sensual with her line of health and wellness products for women. Go Kandi!

This is the perfect opportunity to share this black country singer with the masses. Because his career choice and popularity explosion is so uncommon for African American Artist, he is the perfect example of how far following a dream can take you. Darius Rucker is gifted, black, and talented.

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