If Jay-Z is the best thing you never had and you just want to see what it's like in a few parts of his Empire State of Mind World, then you may want to try for your chance at claiming your spot for the second time around. There is another contest running until May 18th. Jay-Z His think tanks have really redeemed themselves with this new contest.

Are you a Jay-Z fan, a Life & Times Fan, or all things Roc Nation? Whatever the case may be, this promotion does not call for a donation. A page like and hash tag tweet is all it will take to qualify for yr chance to win an all expense paid trip to NYC with meals and hotel accommodations included.

So you blew it the first time around and you want to make it up? Is this all it will take? Not so easy? Well, the only catch is filling out the application and including your 250 word essay stating why you should be chosen for an opportunity to see the business side of a few of Jay-Z's businesses.

Is Life & Times coming direct enough for you to go for your chance? Are you in a league of your own because you can wear as many hats as you need to in order to pull your weight with Jay-Z's Team? Then, find out more details and enter by going to The Life & Times Facebook Page. Good Luck and have fun in the Big Apple, if you win!

Stacy Adams