Cool Products For Your Pet

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You dress up, you look good, you get attention, and you get compliments. Now it's time to put your pets in the spotlight! Walgreens is at it again this year! They are calling all pets. Pet Owners often get criticized for treating their pets like humans, but who can resist cute photo ups of pets?

All you have to do is dress your pet up and snap a few great photos. The catch is that the outfit has to fit in the Halloween Best Category. Yes, it has to be a Halloween Outfit. Well, it certainly fits this months Halloween Theme. Not cheese but boo with expectations of receiving a $250 Walgreens Gift Card and a Pet Shoppe Gift Basket.

Although, there will be only one Best Dressed Halloween Photo Contest Winner, Walgreens will also present two additional gift cards worth $25 or $50 to the runner's up.

The winner will be chosen from selection of ten finalist featured in a Facebook Album. (the public will vote for their favorite by liking it) More about the contest here Before you leave don't forget to scroll through our Product Set and checkout a few cool products for you and your pet(s) to enjoy.