The prettiness in your bathroom can make it all better! Out with the old and in with the new A fresh look will give you a fresh outlook! Okay, since we are officially well into spring, drinking our way toward summer with tall glasses of Sweet Tea in hand, now is the perfect time to change a few things in our homes, our bedrooms, or (why not) our bathrooms.

A lot of times women get accused of having a biased attitude when it come to choosing decor. Yet, there is a handful of guys that will tell you that they would rather leave that aspect of household duties, up to the females in the home. Breathe. There is no reason to panic either way. You can make your guys feel included or at least like their opinion matters, when you make your perfect choices. Here are a few tips.

  • Buy variety
  • ask for your guys opinion
  • choose items that you both benefit from

Missoni Home is where you should start, particularly with towels, candles, and bathmats___ just for fun.

Guys appreciate a well stocked bathroom, full of towels and all the extra little comforts. Include the magazines please! Colors don't usually matter when you are drenched and soaking wet. Just give me a soft towel to dry with and I'm done.

Missoni's towels, candles and bathmats show off an array of colors and the signature Missoni Zig Zag pattern. "Missoni is an Italian Fashion House, a global Luxury Brand.

Photo credit: DeZignlicious