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Bed Bath And Beyond is shouting to the roof tops over ruffles, it seems. Can you really hear the echos of ruffle chatter over talk of Macy's Columbus Day Sale? Who wins in your book? It's possible Vera Bradley can be the tie breaker. Here's our On Trend Scoop!

Well, Creative Bath has a Ruffles Bath Collection to help you update your bathroom for this holiday season. The ruffles are not only for draping curtains either. Ruffled half aprons are sure to add lots of kitchen cuteness while you prepare meals in your 2 inch heels.

An apron by Vera Bradley would be my choice, if I was choosing. Vera Bradley Aprons usually offer up more color variety because  patterns and print designs are a common theme for the brand.

This month besides wearing peach fuzz lipstick like me, you could purchase The Vera Bradley Smartphone Wristlet from Macy's. It comes in Pink Swirl like the Large Duffel Bag offered by Vera Bradley. It's on my Gift Myself Shopping List. Hey, I deserve Vera Bradley and so do you. The patterns and prints of the Pink Swirl will give you a way to accent your look outside of the kitchen. Why not carry all of your Mall scores to the car in your Vera Bradley Duffle Bag?

Macy's is focusing on something other than ruffles for their Columbus Day Sale. They are targeting parents who like to buy new outfits for their kids. My New Orleans Readers are probably laughing out loud right now. In New Orleans, it is common for families to go shopping all year long. Hey every holiday is a reason to hit the Shopping Center. Though children's wear has been put in the spotlight, I'm sure there will be something for Mommy (Vera Bradley) and Daddy to take home too. Plus, the Creative Bath Collection is full of ruffles. Ruffles and peach fuzz lipstick sounds good together. Just be sure to bring along your Vera Bradley Smartphone Wrislet, when you are on your way out!

It does not matter if you're shopping, preparing a meal in the kitchen, or going out for the day, you look good, the ruffles still bloom, and you're on trend in every moment!

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