Our desire for stability can sometimes cause us to be less efficient at performing activities of daily living, work task and more. We can either become bored, burnt out or feel trapped, if we are not careful to change the patterns in our lives and color outside of the line a bit. Our bodies can even have negative responses when we fail to change or alternate our routines. When I was attending Nursing School and working in the field as a Nursing Assistant, I learned that this could happen with prescription drugs, causing the medication to be less effective over time.

Consider diet and fitness; eating the same food over and over everyday or doing the same exercises might not produce the same weight loss or health benefits as it did when the routine was fresh and new. Personal Trainers will usually remind us of how important it is to vary our workout regimen and eating habits too. With variation in diet in mind, try making the recipe up top for a tasty change in your diet and share your photos of the finished meal in the comment section.

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