"Sending your partner out on a midnight ice cream run? Grabbing a jar of pickles for breakfast? Food cravings are so expected during pregnancy, they’re a familiar cliché. But what about food aversions? If you were expecting that you’d want to eat everything in sight while pregnant, then your sudden hatred of what used to be your favorite snack might take you by surprise".-----Healthline

After watching this Chex Mix Commercial, I started to think about Food Aversions which is a term I learned when I was pursuing my childhood dream of being a Nurse. Since then, so much has changed with my goals but I never forgot the term. Food Aversions can happen during and after pregnancy ends and being excited about a particular foods flavor can even make you salivate. On the other hand, you can also be just as turned off by food, including something that use to be your favorite. The Chex Mix Commercial is pretty cool and creative because it places Mums cravings above babies assumed response of having a Food Aversion to breadsticks. Pretty cool right? What will Mum do after baby is born and passes the teething stage? Once finger foods are introduced, I wonder how creative Chex Mix Advertisements will get? Give 'em less Food Aversions and more Chex Mix!

Watch the Creative Chex Mix Commercial below.